TO and FROM the School

Our school can arrange to pick you up at the Managua airport to Granada. Just ask and we will set this up for you. The cost for taxi service to and from the Managua Airport and Granada is $65 for the first person and add US$5 for each additional.

If you are arriving to Granada via Tica Bus, Transnica, or another bus line coming from neighboring countries, the school provides you a free transport  service from the bus stop in Granada to your homestay or to the school guest house.

If you are staying at a homestay,  we will try to arrange your homestay within walking distance of the school when possible. Almost all of our homestays are close to the school, no more than a 10-minute walk.

If you do the guesthouse option, you will be lodged in the same school building.

If you stay in one of the local Hotels/Hostels, you can easily get a taxi service or the hotel/hostel may transport you. Just give them the address on the contact page of this site. If you are staying in a hotel, we would recommend that you take a taxi on the first day so that you get an idea of how to get to our school. After that, you will likely feel comfortable walking to and from classes to your hotel.