In-Country Spanish Courses


Class Elements

Our Immersion Spanish Course was designed for those wanting to rapidly make measurable gains in their Spanish speaking, conversational comprehension, writing, and reading comprehension skills.


Arrive any day of the week and start any Monday of the year! (TWO-WEEK MINIMUM)

Includes 4 hours of all-Spanish instruction per day, in the mornings, Monday - Friday (usually 8:00 a.m. to 12 p.m.) with a short break after the second class hour of the day. Instruction is in Español only. The SOL' method encourages direct learning through demonstration, experience, and practice at all levels with more in-depth explanation and demonstration of grammar and other elements at the intermediate and advanced levels. If you are not comfortable with "complete" immersion and would like an English-speaking teacher, let us know ahead prior to arrival and we will make sure that one is assigned to you.

Small class size: 1 or 2 students maximum per class (up to 3 for groups arriving together). Class size depends on the number and levels of students attending classes at the same time.

The classes takes place in an exclusively Spanish speaking atmosphere using a participatory conversational method which combines visual, auditory and kinesthetic activities to engage all your senses in the direct-learning process.

The class curriculum and content are guided by ongoing evaluation of your progress and by your expressed interests with the goal of making your classes engaging as well as instructional. An exceptionally supportive staff, hospitable host families, and relaxed the Nicaraguan culture will help you to quickly lose self-consciousness and gain natural confidence in your ability to communicate effectively en Español. See SOL Program Curriculum Description.

Six levels: beginner, advanced beginner, intermediate, advanced intermediate, advanced, and conversational which are defined by each student's ability in speaking, comprehension, reading, writing, and grammatical knowledge.

A placement evaluation assures accurate placement. The placement test is a varied oral and written examination administered on the first class day which tests your language ability, cultural knowledge, and personal interests so your teacher can structure your classes to be both instructive and interesting. If you are an absolute beginner, this will just consist of understanding your interests and goals that you wish to accomplish while you are here.

Class materials are included in the Immersion program price. SOL materials are created by the staff and teachers at Sol Spanish School who draw upon second language learning texts from Latin America and Spain as well as a variety of locally produced printed and visual materials. Each student receives a standard Spanish grammar text (in Spanish).

3 Afternoon cultural activities, educational mini-courses, and visits with local service organizations are included in the Immersion program (weekly) and are facilitated by the school teaching staff in an exclusively Spanish-speaking environment so that students have the opportunity to practice their Spanish skills. Activities include visits to clinics, museums, co-ops, artisan shops, small factories, farms, NGO and Government projects; dance, music, art, and craft classes; visits and lectures by community leaders, hikes, local tours y más. Topical mini-cursos (en Español - mainly for intermediate and advanced students) provide an insightful understanding of important topics in Nicaragua such as the economics of progress and poverty, Nicaraguan history and politics, the public health and education systems, eco-themes and conservation issues, social and gender relations, religion, Nicaraguan art forms, y más! See some examples of weekday activities...

Private room and full board in a Nicaraguan family homestay is available and highly recommended as a part of the Spanish Immersion Course for rapid language acquisition. Homestays include a comfortable private room and three meals a day in a clean, secure, hospitable home of a Nicaraguan family who will help you feel welcome and at ease, as well as giving you a true opportunity to practice your Spanish. In addition, your homestay family will provide you with standard amenities such as a fan and bottled water, and many homestays have phones which can be used by students on a limited basis. Laundry service is available through your family though many students find they actually like to do their own laundry by hand in a "lavandero". You can reserve extra homestay days before and/or after your program. You may also choose to attend classes without homestay accommodations, or vice versa (space permitting).


Intensive Spanish Lessons

The Intensive Spanish Language Program offers a comprehensive learning experience with four hours of daily instruction, available either from 8 AM to 12 PM or 12 PM to 4 PM. Each session is divided into two segments: a two-hour grammar lesson and a two-hour conversational practice. These are designed to refine your accent and speaking etiquette. All classes are conducted on a one-on-one basis with a dedicated teacher, and all necessary materials are included in the course fee.

We offer flexible durations, ranging from one week to several weeks, to accommodate your specific needs. Upon request, we can tailor the program to fit your schedule. We also recommend taking a few online classes as a warm-up before your arrival.

Semi-Intensive Spanish Lessons

The Semi-Intensive Spanish Program is designed for those who have fewer hours available to study. It consists of 10 hours per week, usually two hours per day, Monday through Friday. You can choose from any block of the following times: 8-10, 10-12, 1-3, or 2-4 PM. Our staff will work hard to work on the areas where you need the most help and to incorporate some of both into each class.

Home/Office Spanish Lessons

We offer home and office classes in Nicaragua. This program is designed for people who are living and/or working in Nicaragua but have limited time to come to the school. If you would like, we can send one of our teachers to your location, be it your home or office. Having your own personal tutor is a great way to advance quickly and focus on challenging subjects that usually give you problems. You can take as little as one hour per day or up to four hours per day.

Home and office classes are programmed by the Online Coordinator. For the safety of our staff, we retain the right to decline to offer these classes to clients where a threat could be posed.

Spanish Language Introduction for KIDS/TODDLERS

All our staff members are skilled at working with children, as young as age 3. We have specially designed programming that uses more visual and interactive techniques to teach children to learn.

The kids will often be exposed to local children in controlled environments and by doing so, be more motivated to learn. The cost listed below is an hourly rate. If your child does the Semi-Intensive or Intensive Program, the price is the same as the adult program, which is less than the hourly rate. If mom and/or dad will be doing classes at the same time, ask about discounted rates for the kids.