A bit from our School and its Staff

 SOL”  acronym for: Source Of Learning. Located in the heart of the colonial city of Granada Nicaragua, SOL Spanish School was funded in 2005 by Sandra Espinoza. As the former Director of Nicaragua Spanish Schools (NSS) in Granada, the first Spanish School in Nicaragua in 1995, also, as Former Director of the APC Granada Cultural House and member of the National Asociation of Culture in Nicaragua and of the Nicaraguan Communal Movement,  she was a very kind and patient educator and holds  a vast experience in the field of Spanish Schools and Volunteering programs in Granada and Nicaragua. 

Since 2020, the school is run by her daughter Veronica Espinoza a Spanish instructor with more than 12 years of experience who together with the main Spanish Teacher Maria Lidia Espinoza whose holds a College Degree in the Spanish Language, keeps a Staff of well-prepared-in-grammar Spanish instructors and all of them are trained to recognize each student's learning ability and thus can meet their needs with precision.

SOL Spanish & Tours believes in acquiring the Spanish language through immersion, kinesthetic techniques, along with the Natural Approach, which will guarantee all students will learn Spanish quickly.

Our Homestay families and the external service providers such as the transport staff are friendly, responsible individuals with knowledge of how to attend to the visitors-students-customers. We have a list of contacts that have been selected and verified by us and who have years of experience providing the services of lodging and transportation. 


Our Base Team

We are very proud of having been serving hundreds of students who learned or improved their Spanish language with SOL since 2005.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with top-quality Spanish-language training and to help you have fun while you are learning. We offer a safe place in a fun city where you can feel comfortable learning Spanish, with all of the support that you require and all of the attention that you deserve. We aim to be Granada’s best Spanish school and you will see by our reveiws that we meet and exceed expectations. Rated by most as Granada’s premier Spanish school, we are here ready and willing to help you start your adventure when you want to!  

Why SOL Spanish & Tours

One Student’s Review:

I studied at the school in Granada for 3 weeks in March of 2021.  It was a great experience for me, and more because I’m seriousabout doing Spanish document translations. I studied during the day and hit the nightlife after hours in Granada. I progressed thru two levels of Spanish in three weeks and I have spent much less money than if I had gone to one of the more popular locations to study like Spain, for example.  I feel like I gained a solid foundation in a very short amount of time. If you are in your University preparation and you are thinking of learning Spanish, I recommend this program as a “jump-start”. Terry Ott, USA

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